Working With People? 3 Things You’ll Do Well To Remember

Eventually, as you start and run your business, you’ll get around to work with people. They could be your employees, vendors, partners, customers, government officials, and many others. Not a day would pass by without actually interacting with people.

You know that. I know that.

What we end up doing, however, is that we just walk into situations and believe that we can handle it all. We can. Yet, it’d help if you remember just a few basic things about those humans you’ll be interacting with:

Selfishness is expected

As marketers, we learn that the only thing customers care about is “What’s in it for them?”. We forget that it’s not just customers but practically everyone (including me) think the exact same thing.

Selfishness is as human as human is. Whether you are getting into a deal, pitching to your client, attending a job interview, or presenting an idea to raise VC funds, appeal to selfishness.

They’ll never understand

Ever tried explaining why your time comes at a premium? How many times did you have to explain yourself on “entrepreneurship” and why you won’t get yourself a “regular job”? Does your family support you in your quest to start your own business.

Apart from a few lucky people, most others face this single problem: no one gets it.

So, expect venomous arguments, puzzled faces, and more.

They are passionate, except that it’s not for your business

Dan Pink’s book Drive points out an interesting finding that goes against the usual thread of understanding and practice in the business community. People are not always driven by money, incentives, and perks.

You just have to find out the hot buttons for people you work with. People are indeed passionate. Except that it might not be about your idea, business, or vision.

Say hello to challenges now.