The True Essence of Entrepreneurship: Part 1

With so many entrepreneurs sprouting up, the entrepreneurial ecosystem is soon turning out to be a crowded place. What is Entrepreneurship and How to become an Entrepreneur.

Gaurav Sikka of The Next Web, writes that India’s rise can only be unmatched. From roughly 3,100 registered startups in 2014 to a projected 11,500 by the year 2020, it’s turning out to be even bigger and even more crowded.

So with all these entrepreneurs around, most of them come into the scene after letting go of their corporate jobs. Not everyone turns out to be a seasoned entrepreneur ( good for most things to do with business, and not).

As an entrepreneur working off the trenches for more than a decade, I don’t see the true essence of entrepreneurship in most of these young upstarts.

Business runs on product, people, and process. Entrepreneur, in the truest sense of the word, is:

  • A visionary: Dream and have the guts to implement the dream. No matter what the world thinks or does, an entrepreneur is led by sheer ambition and vision.
  • A team builder: Have idea, will launch? It’s not so easy. You’d need a great team to pull of a heist like that and that great team is almost impossible to find. However, you can get close to this perfect team with pure perseverance and determination.
  • A leader: Your primary responsibility is to get the product and people together. It takes a real leader to do that. Now, add charm, the gift of gab, leading by example, and tons of other leadership traits into the mix.
  • Ad administrator: Despite all of the above, nothing moves forward until work gets done. Productivity, team efficiency, how work is managed and delivered will all form the essence of running a business.

At the very basic level, you’d need all of this together to make you true entrepreneur.
Are you the entrepreneur the world wants?

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